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Being in the plumbing industry for around 2 decades, GDM has developed an extensive understanding of the issues facing customers. From the uneven water pressures that need readjusting to contingency planning for emergencies, GDM is an all-encompassing outlet of repairment services.

With tools for inspecting drains, mending pipes, and renovating new homes, GDM has utilized its practical expertise to utmost perfection. Regardless of the value, time, and size associated with the project, the specialists at GDM remain:


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Repairs and Restoration


Decaying pipes and emerging seepage is the first sign to get GDM over to your place. We will draft a strategy that will offer strategic results for long-term repairment.

Gas fitting

To supervise the procedure of installing the heating appliances, GDM will offer strategic assistance in protecting your house from gas bursts and leaks.


Allow us to drain your troubles away. Over pouring sinks and excessive smell that dominates the comfort of your home is bound to evaporate with the exceptional services of GDM.

Water Leak

That mysterious dripping in the middle of the night may be more dangerous than you think. Let GDM survey your house for possible water leakage.


GDM will go through every aspect of the damaged structure.       

We will immediately draft a strategy based on careful examination. 

Utilizing our technical expertise and equipment, we will commence the repairment procedure.

Big or small, from the depth to the surface, GDM will now fix it all!

Our job is still undone. Review the effectiveness of our solutions and share your opinion. 

If you are still dissatisfied or discovered another issue, GDM will always be at your disposal.

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